5 Ways to make your living room a hustling delight

5 Ways to make your living room a hustling delight

The living room is one of the most frequented spaces in your house. The décor and the furniture that you install in the living space reflect your taste. Therefore, it is necessary to pick out each of the pieces carefully. You can opt for a traditional look, a modern look or a minimalistic look. It all depends on how you would like to portray yourself. Add attractive paintings or mirrors to brighten up the room. A nice carpet would also add a cozy look to the area. Make sure the furniture does not look messy and the room does not look too crowded. Leave enough space around each piece of furniture for easy movement. Here are 5 ways to make your living room a hustling delight:

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  1. Color: Vibrant hues infuse a space with cheerful ambiance, rejuvenating the senses, and enhancing creativity with just a single look.  A pastel shade with just a few popping bright colors like yellow and pink makes your living room flamboyant yet sophisticated.
  2. Furniture: The sofa and the wall unit that look like single piece furniture, is the modern trend and looks great in a cozy living room. Position of the sofa is the focal point of your living room, so choose it wisely according to the size of your room and your own aesthetic sense. Brass armchairs upholstered in a nice fabric, a vintage chair, and a sofa arranged artistically can do miracles to the get-up of your living room. Right TV units elevate the look of your living room and your television and serve as a piece of furniture that adds style to the look of this area.
  3. Lighting: The living room anchors a broad range of activities which are distinctive to each person. This multi-use space needs careful planning of lighting arrangement for everyday living. Use spotlights to highlight your family photos and pieces of artworks hanging on the walls. There should be ample light as the kids often do their homework here. Set up your lighting in a way; that glares from any source which may hurt eyes is minimized.
  4. Greenery: Plants give your room a feel of freshness and life. Make your living room delightful by adding sleek plants. Keep a large plant beside the sofa or medium size potted plants in the corners of the living room, near windows or in other places. Hanging Pots of small sizes increases the natural look and feel of rooms. Positioning and selection of plants are the two most important things that you will have to do with utmost care to enhance the beauty of your living area.
  5. Walls: If you are up for some extra bang in your living room go for an accent wall. Saturated colors can add depth and interest to a traditional space. Electric colors like the orange suit the living areas best. A geometric patterned accent wall makes a smart impact. Create a dynamic, textural effect on your living room walls to give it an appearance with a striking, three-dimensional effect.

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Application of varied elements in the fabrics, furniture, and accessories gives you a stunning and warm environment in your living room. Create a design that is as flexible and versatile and reflects your taste of fine-arts.