Path of Exile Atlas Tree 3.23 Guide

Path of Exile Atlas Tree 3.23 Guide

In the Path of Exile 3.23 update, Atlas was overhauled with new notable passives and clusters enhancing the new Atlas map regions and Ultimatum league mechanics. It’s also time to reevaluate the most profitable league start currency strategies.

This strategy prioritizes Atlas progression, Watchstones and a variety of mechanics that spawn high volumes of monsters. It also grabs Legion and strong boxes for quick clearing and progression.

Essence Farming

Because they offer a high baseline loot return and don’t scale with Map Tier, Essences are an excellent starting farming option for any Atlas passive skill. In combination with other mechanics they can be a core part of strategies like Alch and Go, Expedition and Heist for efficient progression and profit.

Initial Pathing – Focus on the middle nodes and prioritize the maps that lead into mechanics you wish to engage with later on. Then shape your map pool around linear Tier 1-5 maps like Strand that naturally funnel into each other. Consider Kirac’s map missions as well to boost progress by grabbing uncompleted maps from his inventory, also prioritize any unique maps that drop.

Careful use of Remnants of Corruption can upgrade Essences into valuable outcomes, especially when paired with the Tears and Groups system in Atlas. This allows for better profits and a higher chance of securing the first Void Stones as soon as possible.

Expedition Farming

This is a relatively simple mechanic with high value rewards that can be used to quickly gain currency early in the league. It works with a variety of setups and is very flexible. It also synergizes well with other mechanics that further multiply monster packs like Legion or Delirium.

To maximize this farming method, start by investing in the Legion Monolith notable passives. This will increase the number of monliths and their rewards per map. Next, take the “Legion Chests Contain Additional Rewards” notable passive for more valuable splinters and timeless emblems.

Finally, invest in the “Maps have an increased chance to contain Expedition Encounters” cluster to beef up the spawn rate. It’s important to prioritize these investments over the rest of your Atlas passive tree so that you can reach the point where you’re printing money from log books without needing to use scarabs. Using this strategy, you can achieve some of the highest possible sale values for a league starter.

Logbook Farming

A low-investment farm that yields high value. Logbooks contain a randomized mix of rewards including Black Scythe and Order of the Chalice currencies, rare items, valuable shards, fossils/resonators and other rare currency and item drops that can increase profits. Unlike other mechanics that require specialized Atlas passives to engage this is a fairly accessible farming method with minimal initial investment.

Ensure that your build is capable of completing the maps quickly and efficiently. Prioritize movement speed, area of effect damage and survivability to clear the maps more quickly. Consider the Legion Monolith notable passives for higher rewards and more spawns.

Boost the “Maps have an increased chance to contain Expeditions” and “Remnants in your Maps have an additional Modifiers” clusters for more expedition encounters and bonuses. Block unwanted mechanics like Harvest, Breach, etc to funnel more Atlas passive influence to Expedition.

Meta Crafting

A guide for a simple but effective PoE 3.23 Atlas passive tree setup for early currency farming, mid-game mapping, and endgame running. It includes recommended node placements for the Affliction League, as well as recommendations for specific areas such as Legion encounters and Heists.

Start by taking the Notable Atlas Passive “Wandering Path”, which improves map progression by a significant amount. Then, invest into the Notable Atlas Passives leading to “Legion Monolith” for increased number of monoliths and rewards from them. Finally, take “Legion Chests Contain Additional Rewards” to juice these chests further. This build uses a ranged minion damage build that is suitable for new players as well as veterans. It has no prerequisite gear and is easy to pick up, while also being incredibly powerful. It also has a high chance of getting rare and legendary items from the rifts. This makes it one of the best options for obtaining early League rewards.