A Comprehensive Guide to Water-Assisted Masturbation

A Comprehensive Guide to Water-Assisted Masturbation

When it comes to enriching your solo sexual experiences, an array of tools, from vibrators to butt plugs, awaits exploration. Yet, some of the most exquisite aids for self-pleasure might already exist within your own home, particularly within your bathroom. I recall my initial discovery of self-pleasure by harnessing the jets of my family’s jacuzzi. This revelation quickly led me to uncover the delights of positioning myself beneath the cascading streams of the shower or submerging in the bath water, allowing it to caress and stimulate my clitoris. This approach not only granted me gratifying orgasms but also offered a profoundly soothing encounter. Unbeknownst to me, people with vulvas have been indulging in water-assisted masturbation for generations, if not centuries. From faucets to showerheads, pool and jacuzzi jets, the aquatic realm holds myriad avenues for enhancing your solitary pleasure. Here, we present various methods through which you can harness the power of water to elevate your intimate moments of self-discovery.


Whether you’re snuggled up in the arms of a pool or luxuriating in a Jacuzzi, jets provide intense pressure that delivers intense orgasms for clitoral sufferers. Jets provide periodic stimulation similar to an air-pulse vibrator. Individuals can aim their genitals at the jets to escalate arousal to orgasm. Perfecting this technology may take some trial and error. It is recommended to elevate the body to feel the pressure on the hips and then adjust the position to optimize the interaction between the vaginal area and the jets. Try facing the jets directly or away from them to explore the various sensations. The most important thing is to find a comfortable position that will last.


 Bathtub taps hold the potential to provide constant stimulation similar to a bullet or stick vibrator. Many people prefer to lie down and place their vulva directly in front of the tap. If the design of the tap is not conducive to this arrangement, accessories such as the WaterSlyde can be fitted to ensure that the water flows smoothly to the vulva without twisting yourself in embarrassment. Another benefit of masturbating with a tap is that the bath itself has a soothing ambience that is conducive to relaxation and sensual exploration. To further enhance the ambience, adding music or candlelight is recommended. If water conservation is a concern, you can optimise your time by filling the tub at the same time as your personal jet experience. A cordless water rinse works well for this purpose. Mimicking the experience can be done with a garden hose, bidet, or even a showerhead attachment for rectal rinsing (though be sure to sterilise it before using it on the vulva).


Showerheads have a unique advantage over faucets because of the wider range of water that comes out of the shower. The flow of water from a showerhead is usually lighter and wider compared to the flow of water from a faucet. If your showerhead comes with an adjustable pressure setting, you’ll be able to experiment with different water flow intensities to find your sweet spot. However, I must stress the importance of safety by cautioning against attempting to climb near the showerhead, as standard showerheads are not designed to safely support such an attempt.

While detachable showerheads offer maximum manoeuvrability for masturbation, depending on the water pressure, non-detachable showerheads still have the potential to deliver pleasure. If your shower head is not removable, lying under a fixed shower head can still be effective, especially if the water pressure is conducive to stimulation. This versatility ensures that people can customise the experience to their liking, indulging in the pleasurable sensations that come with water-based self-pleasure.

Whether you enjoy the convenience of a removable shower or explore the possibilities of a fixed shower, the shower will become a sanctuary of personal pleasure. As you enjoy the pleasure of showering, remember to prioritise safety and comfort and let the gentle flow of water guide you to unforgettable moments of bliss.

Waterproof Toys

The world of pleasure isn’t limited to water ways. Many erotic products are waterproof, making them the perfect companion for your bath, shower or pool romp. With these versatile options, you can take your masturbation experience to new heights wherever you choose.

For those who prefer the pulsating sensation of a jet or the steady flow of water from a faucet for clitoral stimulation, the Women’s Rose Toy is a valuable addition. This toy offers a wide range of stimulating pleasures, allowing you to explore new sensations and satisfactions.

When engaging in water play, it is vital to use waterproof toys with a reliable source of pleasure. Also, consider adding a silicone-based lubricant to the experience. Unlike water-based lubricants, silicone lubricants have a longer-lasting sliding effect, are less likely to be washed away by water, and ensure a frictionless experience even in the arms of water.

Incorporate waterproof toys into your masturbation routine to bring a touch of luxury and excitement to your aquatic adventures. Whether you’re relaxing in the tub or enjoying yourself in the shower, these toys add to the experience and lead you into wonderful moments of pleasure and discovery. Click here to explore more interesting toys.

Safety Measures

When engaging in masturbation with jets, a faucet, or a showerhead, it’s important to prioritize safety. Direct the water stream exclusively towards your clitoris instead of inserting it into your vagina. This precaution is essential to prevent the risk of air entering your uterus and potentially causing an embolism. While the occurrence of embolism is rare, it can have serious, even fatal, consequences if it does happen. Moreover, water entering the vagina can act like a douche, which is not advisable for vaginal health. Be cautious of potential chemical irritants in water that might affect your vulva. If you are prone to irritation or frequent yeast infections, exercise extra care.

By following these safety guidelines, indulging in water-based masturbation can introduce novel ways to experience pleasure. It might also contribute an extra layer of excitement to your sexual experiences, whether you’re enjoying them solo or with a partner.