Importance Of Telemedicine For Migraines

Importance Of Telemedicine For Migraines

To understand the importance of modern telemedicine services for migraines, we have to understand the condition better. This is because migraines are more common than fathomed. Sufferers experience excruciating pain that get triggered from time to time due to varying reasons that differ from person to person. The triggering agents for migraines may vary from excessive physical stress, fatigue or tiredness. In others, the causative agents may be hunger, certain types of food, mental stress, heat, and several other reasons. No matter the reason, the suffer experiences excruciating pain at times. Having said that, the intensity of the pain varies from person to person. Where some people can bear with the pain without medication, most people require high dosage of pain killers to stop the pain. Proper medication can help manage the pain and allow a better approach towards life.

Types of Migraine 

The throbbing pain in migraines result are of different types. The symptoms vary according to the type of migraine experienced. Where some of the types of migraines are very common among people, some are tagged as extreme and rare types. Such types are difficult to get diagnosed as the symptoms may get disguised and mimic other conditions. Thus, the types of migraines recorded are:

  • Hemiplegic Migraine 
  • Ophthalmic Migraine 
  • Ocular Migraine 
  • Opthalmoplegic Migraine
  • Basilar Migraine
  • Menstrual Migraine 
  • Chronic Migraine 
  • Abdominal Migraine 
  • Vertebrobasilar Migraine 
  • Status Migraine

Duration of migraine pain

The duration of pain in migraine also varies from person to person and the reason for pain. Minor stress related migraine pain may occur for an hour or stretch to several hours. In some people, the pain may even stretch for around 72 hours. However, since migraines are of recurrent nature the pain might also come and go, making the suffering prolonged. Luckier people may only have to bear with the pain only a few times in an entire year. One characteristic feature in most cases is that migraine pains mostly affect one side of the head and not the entire head. 

Continuous Medication Is Required For Migraine 

A proper schedule and continuous medication are required to manage migraines. This is also the reason why people have to maintain a disciplined routine and consult doctors from time to time. This is because change of medication and routine sometimes becomes necessary for proper management of the condition and thus, routine follow- up care should never be missed.

Migraine Telemedicine 

Owing to the current scenario, the need for telemedicine has become imperative. The need for routine check- up right from the comfort of our homes without spending any additional penny was not so feasible until the advent of telemedicine. Availing telemedicine for migraines has given the sufferers a new hope as they can reach the doctors, consult and take suggestions without having to travel miles in unfavourable conditions. Some of the prime reasons for availing telemedicine for migraines is that it can be monitored over a distance without compromising on the treatment. The candidate may only visit physically if and may the need arise. Besides, through this service, a faster approach to medication and expert consultation has become possible. Along with enhanced comfort, lesser risk of emergency situations and better control of symptoms, telemedicine services have earned high popularity among people.

Benefits of Availing Telemedicine For Migraines 

  • Faster appointment. Availing appointments with specialists over telemedicine is more feasible than fetching physical visitation schedules. In the utmost 72 hours, the appointment gets scheduled, which may also be available on the same day of booking.
  • Comfortable. The candidate does not need to travel miles, spending hundreds to thousands to visit the doctor from time to time. The appointments can be availed by the candidate on the same day.
  • Satisfaction. Not being satisfied after traveling is the worst thing to experience. Thus, with the advent of telemedicine services, candidates can understand whether the treatment is satisfactory or not and then proceed with in- depth treatment and traveling options.

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