How to Use Schlage Door Locks: A Full Guide

Schlage Door Locks

Schlage makes quite some Schlage door locks and exclusive hardware, and its modern styles and dedication to safety make it a popular desire. Schlage has been giving customers peace of mind for added than one hundred years since it was founded in 1909. The business company’s items are to be had in a big choice of colors and styles, to be able to go with any fashion.

Different Kinds of Schlage Door Locks

Schlage has plenty of particular door locks to satisfy the needs of numerous owners. These are some of the most common sorts of Schlage door locks:


Deadbolts are kinds of door locks that can be placed on the outside of a door. They are more secure than doorknobs or switches due to the fact the bolt is going all of the way through the door. Most outdoor doors have deadbolts due to the fact they’re an awful lot much less probable to be broken into while a person is attempting to get in. Also, you may get them in masses of wonderful patterns and sun shades to healthy any room’s style.

Levers and knobs:

Most door locks are made from knobs and buttons. These things are used to open and close doorways. Like maximum gadget, knobs are round, and most knobs are lengthy and thin. You can get knobs and buttons in some incredible designs and styles to suit any style.

Knobs and switches are usually used on doors inner, but they also can be used on doors out of doors. When used on outside doorways, it’s far crucial to have every a lock and a knob or address for transport safety.


Handlesets are a shape of door lock that has a padlock and a knob or lever. For residents who want the safety of a lock and the benefit of the use of a knob or control, those are splendid and stable alternatives.

Handlesets are to be had in many styles and colors, as a way to healthful any decor. They also can be decided in an entire lot of safety lists. When it includes forced entry, handle sets with an excessive safety rating are stronger than people with a low safety score.

Keyless locks

There is also a line of smart locks from Schlage that can be managed with the aid of a phone or some different tool. When you don’t have a key, clever locks make it clean and secure to fasten and loose up your door.

Safety Features

Smashe door locks are made with some safety capabilities to prevent people from breaking into your house. Some of the maximum popular and now not-so-weird protection obligations are:

  • Bump-evidence: Locks that can be imagined to be bump-proof can not be opened by means of manner of hitting them.
  • Pick-resistant: Locks that are choose-resistant are made so that they can not be opened with the use of normal lock-selecting equipment.
  • Locks that can’t be drilled open: These locks are made to be drilled open.

Promise of Warranty

Schlage door locks include an assurance that lasts a lifetime. This promise covers issues with the materials and the work.

How to Pick the Right Schlage Lock

When selecting a Schlage door lock, it’s miles critical to reflect on consideration on the objects:

  1. Wants for safety: The kind of lock you want will depend upon how steady you need your home to be. If your property may be very stable, you’ll want a lock with a high level of safety.
  2. Price: You can get Schlage door locks at a lot of remarkable costs. Before you begin purchasing, you need to make a budget.
  3. Style: Schlage door locks come in quite some different styles that allow you to inform any domestic decor.
  4. Features: Some Schlage door locks have extra functions, much like the ability to be smart locks or have an alarm constructed in.

Where to Get Schlage Door Locks

Schlage door locks may be supplied at quite some locations, like home improvement stores, tool stores, or even online.

The installation

Professionals or do-it-yourself house proprietors can set up Schlage door locks. If you’re placing the lock in yourself, you need to cautiously comply with the instructions.

Taking care of

Schlage door locks do not want heaps of safety. But it is essential to maintain the lock tool easily and take a look at the batteries in a smart lock often.


A safe and consistent way to shield your private home is with Schlage door locks. There are many different types and varieties of Schlage door locks, so there may be one in the manner to match the goals of any domestic owner.

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FAQ’s About Schlage Door Locks

What does Schlage advocate?

Schlage is an American company that makes gear like door locks, safety structures, and further. The industrial employer has been around in view that 1909 and is known for its modern styles and dedication to safety. Schlage products are used in lots of houses, companies, and agencies spherical the arena.

What styles of door locks does Schlage provide?

Schlage has hundreds of high-quality door locks, like digital locks, deadbolts, knobs, switches, and handle sets. The organization’s items are to have loads of special styles and hues, which will go along with any decor.

In what techniques do Schlage door locks preserve human security?

Schlage door locks are made with an entire lot of protection measures to keep humans from breaking into your property. The following are a number of the maximum popular safety functions:

  • Bump-proof: Locks that may be alleged to be picked by means of hitting are known as bump-proof locks. When deciding on locks, this method isn’t always uncommon. A special key is used to open the lock in a nice way, inflicting the pins to fall into the right region.
  • Pick-resistant: These locks are made in order that they can’t be opened with the usage of normal lock-deciding techniques. For this, unique equipment must be used to transport the pins inside the lock.
  • Locks that can not be drilled open: These locks are made to be drilled open. To get into a lock this way, you drill a hole inside the lock barrel after which use a device to expose the lock mechanism.

What’s the difference between a knob or deal with and a deadbolt?

This kind of door lock has a bolt that goes all the manner into the door frame. Deadbolts are the most secure shape of door lock, and they may be typically located on doors that bring about the outdoors. To open and close doorways, you use knobs and handles. There are many shapes and styles to select out from, in an effort to go together with any fashion. While knobs and switches are not as steady as deadbolts, they are easier to use.

What is a tough and fast handles?

A knob or lever and a lock are both elements of a handset. People who want the safety of a lock and the benefit of the use of a knob or switch can use a handset as an alternative.

What does a smart lock do?

When you can open and close your door with your smartphone or any different device, you have got a “smart lock.” With a clever lock, you may lock and release your door without the use of a key. It’s safe and easy. Some clever locks have extra capabilities, just as the ability to fasten and open the door from afar, keep track of who comes and is going, and deliver human beings their personal particular entry to passes.

How lengthy does the guarantee closing on Schlage door locks?

Schlage backs up all of its door locks for existence. This promise covers issues with the products and the artwork.