The Brand Naming Process: Analysing the Competitive Landscape!

The Brand Naming Process: Analysing the Competitive Landscape!

You might be wondering what is in a brand name that cannot be achieved through effective marketing of just products and services. No matter how good your offer to consumers, they still need something to identify your company with and This is your brand name. Whenever they see it they should be instantly reminded about what your company offers and the kind of benefits gained by opting for it over others in the market. 

About Brand Name 

When selecting a brand name you need to look into many factors, primary one being is your brand strategy, mission, vision and brand values. The name should reflect exactly what the consumer gains by purchasing from your brand over others in the market. Before opting a particular name you should decide what it should achieve and how it will reflect the kind of qualities that your product or service offers and what type of impact it should make in the minds of people who looked at it.

How to Choose A Powerful and Impressive Brand Name 

The four types of name categories from which you can choose are Descriptive, Suggestive, Abstract and Legacy, so look to names that reflect qualities of any of these categories. Opt for an advanced creative business name generator to do this quickly and gain the most creative name ideas. 

When it comes to selecting a particular name there are so many options the primary being that you can use the name of the product, service offered, or raw materials used to make it. A synonym of the industry term related to the product or service provided is also a good option. You can look into historical references related to your service or product, nouns, adjectives associated with it or a quality that it shows else how customers will feel when using your brand’s product or service. You can also check for a brand name that shows how your company is solving a particular problem for consumers. 

Some very interesting ideas that you can use for creating a brand name is rhyming words, idioms, combination of symbols and numbers, having a district or place name associated with the existing company name, playful makeup of words, metaphoric words and much more. 

You can get more ideas for brand names by making use of the internet. Make a list of names that you can input into Google image search and find out what images it comes up. Use the images to come up with a name that reflects what your company offers to consumers. Some interesting sources of brand name ideas include Pinterest interest quotes and word or business name generator software. 

While looking into brand names also check what your competitors in the industry use, so that you can come up with something that is better and which works well with your target audience. It is imperative for your brand name to be unique, distinct, standing out from the competition, giving out a lot of meaning about the value of your company’s offer to consumers. Keep in mind that the name should fit with the kind of personality and emotional resonance that is evoked by your brand. Check up on the latest creative business name generator to assist you on this. 

Make a short list of all the brand names that you feel is optimal for your company and write down each one of them on paper.  As your write them down, check out if there is a smooth flow of letters, if a word is too long and complicated or if it lacks the dynamic energy that is essential for a brand to look impressive. It is important to select a brand name that it is visually appealing as otherwise it will not stand out in a tough business environment. 

After selecting a particular brand name you need to test it by checking if any other company has the same name already registered else if you can get a domain name for it in case you want to launch a site for your company. Check up on how your brand name looks in Helvetica font as it is the best way to determine its visual appeal. It should sound good over the phone, must not be confusing, must not be mispronounced and should effectively reflect your brand’s personality to its target audience.  You can also opt for the services of a brand naming company to assist you in finding the right name as they have experts in this field, who will make use of the latest tools and do a thorough research before coming up with something appropriate. 

Choosing the right brand name gives a huge advantage and asset to your company that can be effectively used to differentiate it from others in the market and give it a boost enough for consumers to recognize it quickly amongst others.