3 Signs You Need To Outsource To an Urgent Care Medical Billing Company

While urgent care centers do a great job at effectively managing and caring for their patients, it is also true that they struggle day to day with their medical billing and coding work. No matter how small or large the teams are, resources at urgent care centers are forever lost in the mindboggling world of medical codes. 

To add to their billing and coding challenge is the insufficient amount of time on their hands within which top-quality work needs to be done. With so much on their hands, being able to make time for their patients is nothing short of a miracle. 

A simple solution to all this complexity is to outsource your billing and coding work to an urgent care medical billing company. 

Not sure if outsourcing is a good idea? Worried about what if outsourcing leads to your urgent care facility incurring extra costs? 

The answer to these questions is to keep a look out for certain signs and “symptoms” that could be pointing in favor of outsourcing. The following are three reasons why you should go ahead and hire services of an urgent care medical billing company to have your billing needs taken care of.

  1. Rise in Number of Insurance Denials

Your billing staff keeps a check on all insurance details as well as insurance coverage requirements of all patients. Even a small compliance issue can lead to insurance denials. When there is a high occurrence of insurance denials it indicates a faulty denial resolution process. To prevent such a situation from occurring many urgent care centers prefer to outsource their work to experts — specialists who help expedite the billing process. Instead of burdening your resources with all the billing and coding work you can hire the services of an urgent care medical billing company to handle them for you. This will leave your team more time to focus on patient care.

  1. Delayed Payments

Collecting and following up on late payments is a major area of frustration for staff at urgent care centers. Handling billing collections and claims are no easy task. More than 50% of insured patients are unable to understand their medical bills. This means your billing staff have to help patients by clearing their confusion with regard to claims and other billing processes. Instead of focusing on other tasks, your resources remain busy sorting out the billing and coding problems. 

  1. Shortage of Skilled Workers

If your urgent care center is suddenly unable to hire experienced and skilled resources to handle all the billing and coding, it means your staff turnover has been high and now you are struggling to replace them. When your staff is unable to handle the pressures of billing work, they look for opportunities elsewhere. A decreasing team of billers and coders means you may have to replace the experts with non-experienced and unskilled workers. This will not only affect your revenue, but will also affect the quality of work. That is why it makes sense to hire experienced coding specialists and medical billers who will handle everything related to bills and insurance claims.

Let GMB Help You

At GMB we provide you with all the assistance you need for your medical billing requirements. Apart from offering high-quality medical billing and coding services, we also help you save your money. After outsourcing to us, your team will never feel the strain of coding and billing ever again. So, what are you thinking? Call 786-725-2120; 655-469-1422 to know about our services and to schedule a visit with our experts.

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