Baazi App and Subway Surfers: A Study of the Newest Mobile Games

One of the newest trends in mobile gaming is location-based games. These games take advantage of smartphone GPS and other locational sensors to make a game more interactive and interesting based on where you are and what you’re doing. While the first popular example of this type of game was Pokémon Go, new games keep popping up, many from established mobile app developers that have been around for years. In this article, we’ll compare two very popular examples of this new trend, Subway Surfers and Baazi app, as well as looking at how these games compare to others in the category.

What is Baazi?

Baazi is a mobile app that lets users take selfies and share them with their social media networks. With Baazi, you can snap a picture of your outfit, test out new styles, or even post selfies to get feedback from others. Once you’ve taken your photo, you can add different border designs or stickers to your image for a personal touch. You can then share it with all your social networks to see what everyone thinks!

How Baazi Works

Baazi app seems simple at first, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in depth. Baazi is a game of chance where players make predictions on future outcomes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can wager actual money; otherwise, Baazi is free to play. Every day at 9 p.m., a new topic is featured (like entertainment news or sports), and players can submit their predictions about who will win an award (like Grammy winner) or which team will win a championship (like Super Bowl). You place your bet based on your prediction, wait for that category to be posted, then sit back and watch as results roll in on-screen.

Who Should Be Interested In Playing Baazi?

If you’re a fan of using public transportation or you enjoy playing games on your mobile phone, Baazi is a great app for you. Baazi won’t be appealing to those who don’t use public transportation, as that’s a big part of what makes it unique. The great thing about Baazi is that there are no in-app purchases at all! Every single thing available within the game can be earned through normal gameplay. The developers want players to experience everything without having to spend any money. In terms of popularity, Online game Subway Surfers may have been out longer, but as far as gameplay goes, both games are very similar. Players control characters through various obstacles by swiping left or right on their screens.

What Is Online Game Subway Surfer?

Subway Surfer is a game that was launched in early 2015 for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen OS, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD tablets. Although not officially released yet on desktop platforms like Windows or Mac OS X. The app was developed by Kiloo Games based in Denmark. It’s now available on almost every popular mobile platform out there except Microsoft Surface devices. In other words, almost everyone should be able to find something they like about Subway Surfer even if they normally don’t play games much. In addition to being easily accessible from multiple different devices it also has a very low system requirement which makes it possible for users to play it on virtually any device they have lying around their house.

Who Should Play Online Game Subway Surfer?

Everyone loves a good chase, right? That’s certainly true when it comes to mobile gaming. From Candy Crush to Temple Run, mobile gamers can’t get enough of trying to outrun their opponents on their smartphones or tablets. But even though some gamers may think they’ve seen it all, there is a new craze sweeping through mobile gaming circles. It’s called Subway Surfer.


Subway Surfers has been around for a few years, but it’s starting to look stale. One problem with games like these is that there are only so many obstacles you can place on a track before players stop finding it fun. Take Candy Crush—there are only so many times players can progress before they start asking themselves if they really want to keep progressing. That’s when people start looking for other games to fill their time. Enter Baazi app, India’s latest offering in mobile gaming.

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